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Winey Bears

#1 in Stuffed animal repair 40 years of loving repair of your special keepsake. Love to make hearts smile.
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Keepsake Bears

Sally Winey has specializes in making hand made keepsake bears from your fabric.


   T-Shirt Bear, all fabrics other then knitted sweaters. We will check out materials when requested.


           Memory Bears out of your relative and friends clothes $100.00 each 17" CAll 704-746-4928           

 Fur Coat cost is $200 for 17" if fur are not dryrotted.


Prices are subject to change due to  quality and amount of material provided. Please contact sally directly to discuss what you would like before placing your order.  Thank you!

Free return Shipping**

  • quilts
  • fur coats*
  • t-shirts
  • baby clothes
  • decor fabric
  • tapestries
  • a loved ones belonging's

*winey bears will need to view the fur coats prior to making the bears to determine IF a bear can be made from it and the cost will depend on the quality of the fur.  If the fur needs to be backed additional charges may apply.  If the fur is dry rotted there may be a chance that a bear cannot be made from it.

** free shipping with in the united states.