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Winey Bears

#1 in Stuffed animal repair 40 years of loving repair of your special keepsake. Love to make hearts smile.
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Repair Estimates and Procedures FAQ

      STEP 1. Measure your stuffed animal.
          STEP 2. Click on correct size and make Payment via Paypal or send a check in the box.
          STEP 3. Write us a letter with your name and address and put it with your stuffed animal in a box.         
          STEP 4. SHIP your little guy to:
                              Sally Winey Bears
          STEP 5. After visiting our spa we provide shipment and tracking home.

Return shipping is included in the estimated price.  If you have a special request and/or when we receive the stuffed animal and there are special concerns  we will talk with you about this upfront before making any repairs.

  A typical repair takes 1-2 weeks, this includes cleaning, re-stuffing, seam repair and mending. For more detailed or special orders it may take longer due to special ordering of parts.  For vintage and mohair bears with extensive damage the waiting period may be longer.

Stuffed animals made from real furs and skins. These materials are typically very fragile and brittle and repairs would only further the damage.

We focus on repairing and restoring the stuffed animal. Depending on the stuffed animal's age and how much it has been loved must be taken into consideration.  If the stuffed animal is new in age and needing minor repairs the condition will look "new" but in cases of major repairs and restorations especially in dog attacks and major repairs we restore the animal to the best of our abilities. In some circumstances we will ask for a before picture (if you have one) so we can judge what it had looked like before.  We can make no guarantees  that it will look store bought when it is finished, but we strive to vastly improve the quality of your stuffed animal.

With vintage bears we are able to research to make the bear look as authentic as possible.