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Winey Bears

#1 in Stuffed animal repair 40 years of loving repair of your special keepsake. Love to make hearts smile.
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Aw, Sally, I wish I had a job that made me feel everyday that I was making someone happy. 
And you’re the perfect person for your job, not only with your skills, but with your attitude.  Susan 100 Years of Hugging by Susan Kelly

WWAY#3 evening news! 
                                      Memory Maker

Sallly Winey Bears has been repairing and restoring life and love to our most dependable loved members of families for over 30 years.

These are our precious memories that we can carry, hug, love and share with our future. If you have a loved member of your family who is in need of repair or cleaning please contact us today!

Hi Sally,

I'm sorry that I didn't write sooner to let you know how thrilled my wife was with the work you did on her stuffed hippo Harry.  She definitely got a little misty when she first saw him.  I cannot thank you enough for your fine and timely work.



Measure how tall,click on size and
Ship to:
 Sally Winey Bears
4158 Cambridge Cove Circle SE#4
Southport, NC 28461

Emergency  Phone Number


Cost for repairs
up to 10"  $75 
10" t0 15" $85 
15" to 20" $100
20" to 24" $125
24" to 30"  $175.00 
30" to 35"  $200.00 
35"-40"  $250  
This includes, all repairs, cleaning return shipping
on call and answers.Email updates with pictures of process. Signed certificate with discount on next visit

If you feel you have a minor repair, Eye, nose, limb, hole or other minor repair. Please call for price.
Price will be determined by repair.
17" keepsake from your materials $100

Total remake of animal up to 20" $200.00 

Mink coat into bear up to 20"  
One of kind handmade bears individually priced.

contact: sallywiney

Price includes cleaning, repair, re-stuffing and return shipping.
 If we can not repair , will return money minus the shipping and handling return cost. Usually can do something.

You can send a check or click on Cart to pay with credit card.
Call for stuffed animal larger.
Remaking of stuffed animal(new Fur) is a different charge than repair.  Add at least $100 depends on cost of materials.
Tax and return shipping included in price.

Then Ship to:
Sally  Winey Bears
4158 Cambridge Cove Circle SE #4
Southport,  NC 28461


Contact Us

Please read 
*in certain cases we may choose it is the best interest of the stuffed animal to not complete certain repairs.  Upon viewing, if we decide the stuffed animal is to fragile or repair would hurt  it's integrity we will call and discuss our diagnosis.

** please note, that when a stuffed animal has been destroyed, torn, ripped apart, and lost its main integrity, we are able to repair and replace missing parts and fix it to the best of our abilities.  Winey bears takes great pride in our repair work and we do the absolute best we can with every lovely creature that comes into our clinic.  in saying this please keep in mind we are repairers we are not the original manufacturers, if you want it to look exactly like it did when you bought it, the best thing to do is buy a new one. We can only do so much for some of these poor little dears.
***in certain circumstances, i.e. matching mohair, there may be an additional cost due to cost of fabrics. Mohair must be ordered from overseas. In case of mohair matching we will call and explain the diagnosis and extra cost involved.